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The easiest path to successful purchase of a custom vehicle

About us

We are a family business founded in 2012. Because we are aware that the purchase of another vehicle is a stressful situation for most customers, we in our team will dedicate ourselves completely to you in all purchase steps.

Our common path in buying the vehicle itself is not intended to sell you a story of how much you will save, but our common goal will be to get a real and fair vehicle for your money according to your wishes and criteria.

We can help you achieve this goal to find the perfect vehicle that will meet all your set criteria.

Path to successful purchase of a custom vehicle

We offer our customers two options to purchase a vehicle to order.

1. You can buy the vehicle from a dealer of your choice.

Our team will help you with just about every step of buying a vehicle. In addition, we will help you check both the vehicle itself and the vehicle dealer. When you decide to buy the selected vehicle, our team takes over the entire process. In other words, we will arrange all the necessary documentation for export, transport, payment and all other details.

2. We find the desired vehicle to you.

From the network of our suppliers we can find the vehicle you want. In other words, you send us an inquiry with the desired characteristics, and we send you an offer of what can currently be purchased from suppliers. If you have chosen a vehicle abroad and you do not have the full amount to buy, we offer you a solution where we offer you the option to purchase a vehicle from abroad with pre approved leasing if you have desired criteria for leasing company.

Funding options

In our company we offer you individual options for buying a vehicle.

Purchase of vehicles

For the purchase of vehicles, we invite you to our website, which we market under the brand